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Name  Type Cls Set
Ally - Goblin Warlock Twilight
Ally - Human Warlock Azeroth
Ally - Human Warlock Illidan
Ally - Human Warrior Honor
Hero - Blood Elf Paladin Honor
Ally - Blood Elf Priest Icecrown
Ally - Human Mage Azeroth
Ally - Worgen Rogue Dungeon Treasure
Ally - Tauren Warrior Reign
Ability - Combat Talent Legion
Ally - Draenei Shaman Worldbreaker
Ally - Draenei Paladin Legion
Armor - Shield Dark Portal
Equipment - Armor - Shield Dungeon Treasure
Armor - Shield Magtheridon
Master Hero - Human Mage Betrayal
Ally - Draenei Shaman Aspects Treasure
Ally - Blood Elf Rogue Betrayer
Ally - Night Elf Priest Crown
Monster Ally - Spirit Crown
Basic Ability - Restoration Attachment Caverns Treasure
Quest Elements
Instant Ability - Destruction Talent Illidan
Quest Illidan
Quest Legion
Monster Ally - Boar Beast Demigod Ancients
Ally - Orc Shaman Tomb
Ability - Assassination Worldbreaker
Ability - Combat Combo Scourgewar
Instant Ability - Feral Cat Form Reign
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