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Type: Deck Idea
Variant Tag: conConstructed
Format: Modern (More Info)
Approx. Value:

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Mana Curve
Card Color Breakdown
Card Type Breakdown

Main Deck - 60 cards, 21 distinct
Name  Edition Price Type Cost
Rarity Color
Creature (26)
1 Brutal Hordechief
$0.79 Creature - Orc Warrior
2 Drana's Emissary
$0.50 Creature - Vampire Cleric Ally
4 Expedition Envoy
$0.25 Creature - Human Scout Ally
4 Kalastria Healer
$0.21 Creature - Vampire Cleric Ally
3 Kor Bladewhirl
$0.24 Creature - Kor Soldier Ally
4 Lantern Scout
$0.32 Creature - Human Scout Ally
4 Serene Steward
$0.25 Creature - Human Cleric Ally
4 Zulaport Cutthroat
$0.74 Creature - Human Rogue Ally
Instant (5)
1 Murderous Cut
$0.25 Instant
1 Ultimate Price
$0.21 Instant
1 Utter End
$1.60 Instant
2 Valorous Stance
$0.36 Instant
Sorcery (4)
3 Duress
$0.18 Sorcery
1 March from the Tomb
$0.29 Sorcery
Enchantment (2)
2 Stasis Snare
$0.27 Enchantment
Land (23)
4 Ally Encampment
$0.36 Land
1 Blighted Steppe
$0.22 Land
4 Caves of Koilos
$1.11 Land
2 Mortuary Mire
$0.24 Land
6 Plains
$0.17 Basic Land - Plains
6 Swamp
$0.17 Basic Land - Swamp
Sideboard - 14 cards, 9 distinct
Name  Edition Price Type Cost
Rarity Color
Creature (3)
3 Arashin Cleric
$0.18 Creature - Human Cleric
Instant (7)
2 Erase
$0.16 Instant
1 Gideon's Reproach
$0.17 Instant
2 Surge of Righteousness
$0.24 Instant
1 Utter End
$1.60 Instant
1 Valorous Stance
$0.36 Instant
Sorcery (3)
2 Despise
$0.24 Sorcery
1 Duress
$0.18 Sorcery
Enchantment (1)
1 Stasis Snare
$0.27 Enchantment
Scratchpad - 0 cards, 0 distinct
Cards in the scratchpad represent cards that you are considering for this deck, but are not actually in the built deck. They do not count towards the in built decks count shown in your inventory. If you are using the Auto Trade feature, they will be still be marked for trade although cards in your main deck and sideboard will not.
No cards here. :(


RE: Sideboard, recommends 1 x Tainted blood. Is this a real card?
Any configuration of w/b removal and/or disruption can work here, and both colors have a lot of options, so I envision a sideboard that looks something like this:

The deck can be easily upgraded without having to change all that much. We can take out the Kor Bladewhirls, Drana's Emissaries, and Brutal Hordechief along with maybe a Duress and a removal piece (I could also see playing a more focused suite of removal in the main deck that plays more copies of Valorous Stance, btw), and add Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, Sorin, Solemn Visitor, and Drana, Liberator of Malakir. We could also add Ruinous Path to the removal suite, and the W/B Personland (Shambling Vent) to the landbase. Other than that, not much actually changes in the main deck. If you wanted, you could go a slightly different direction with this deck, playing Nantuko Husk and Rally the Ancestors to get huge, out-of-nowhere wins around Kalastria Healer, Zulaport Cutthroat, and the Husk. Rally all your creatures back in (draining life with the Healer in the process), then sacrifice those same creatures to Nantuko Husk to get drains from Cutthroat. With multiple copies of Healer and Cutthroat (which isn't that hard to pull off with a Rally the Ancestors), this can often do upwards of 12-18 damage or more. Hope you enjoy this awesome budget deck with actual competitive potential, especially after some relatively minor upgrades!
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