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Type: Deck Idea
Variant Tag: conConstructed
Format: Legacy
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Mana Curve
Card Color Breakdown
Card Type Breakdown

Main Deck - 60 cards, 30 distinct
Name  Edition Price Type Cost
Rarity Color
Creature (6)
2 Mnemonic Wall
$0.19 Creature - Wall
4 Mulldrifter
$1.16 Creature - Elemental
Instant (21)
1 Capsize
$1.37 Instant
2 Condescend
$0.33 Instant
1 Crop Rotation
$2.87 Instant
1 Doom Blade
$0.24 Instant
1 Electrickery
N/A Instant
1 Ghostly Flicker
$0.25 Instant
3 Impulse
$0.23 Instant
1 Lightning Axe
$0.74 Instant
3 Lightning Bolt
$3.25 Instant
2 Mystical Teachings
$0.20 Instant
2 Prohibit
$0.24 Instant
1 Pulse of Murasa
$0.15 Instant
1 Remove Soul
$0.20 Instant
1 Terminate
$1.12 Instant
Sorcery (4)
1 Compulsive Research
$0.23 Sorcery
2 Flame Slash
$0.28 Sorcery
1 Rolling Thunder
$0.24 Sorcery
Artifact (6)
1 Expedition Map
$3.99 Artifact
4 Prophetic Prism
$0.18 Artifact
1 Serrated Arrows
$0.70 Artifact
Land (23)
2 Dismal Backwater
$0.23 Land
1 Haunted Fengraf
$0.21 Land
1 Izzet Guildgate
$0.21 Land - Gate
3 Shimmering Grotto
$0.17 Land
4 Swiftwater Cliffs
$0.21 Land
4 Urza's Mine
$3.76 Land - Urza’s Mine
4 Urza's Power Plant
$4.09 Land - Urza’s Power-Plant
4 Urza's Tower
$4.06 Land - Urza’s Tower
Sideboard - 15 cards, 13 distinct
Name  Edition Price Type Cost
Rarity Color
Creature (5)
1 Coalition Honor Guard
$0.18 Creature - Human Flagbearer
1 Dinrova Horror
N/A Creature - Horror
1 Stonehorn Dignitary
$0.29 Creature - Rhino Soldier
1 Thorn of the Black Rose
$0.81 Creature - Human Assassin
1 Ulamog's Crusher
$0.18 Creature - Eldrazi
Instant (8)
1 Dispel
$0.21 Instant
1 Exclude
$0.25 Instant
1 Hydroblast
$1.53 Instant
1 Magma Spray
$0.16 Instant
1 Pulse of Murasa
$0.15 Instant
3 Pyroblast
$3.04 Instant
Sorcery (1)
1 Flame Slash
$0.28 Sorcery
Artifact (1)
1 Serrated Arrows
$0.70 Artifact

Frankly, I don’t know where to start. Using the most powerful colorless-producing lands in magic’s history and jamming them into a 5 color deck may seem, well, insane. However, with the use of prophetic prism and shimmering grotto you can filter your wealth of colorless mana into whatever you want to be able to cast some of the best cards the common rarity level has to offer. You can play a lot of great narrow cards which you can find with Mystical Teachings and recycle with both Mnemonic Wall and Pulse of Murasa. You do need to get to the late game though and you do so with a lot of early interaction, namely Terminate, Lightning Bolt, Flame Slash, Electrickery, Prohibit and Condescend. Combining creatures with enter the battlefield effects and ghostly flicker allows you to gain card advantage with Ghostly Flicker. Relying on drawing your three Tron land ‘Au natural’ is a bit optimistic so finding them with card draw in Mulldrifter and Impulse, tutoring them up with Expedition Map or Crop Rotation. Now onto the boring part. Winning. The main way to close out the game is by casting Lightning Axe quite a few times with your recursion cards to eventually whittle down their life total. You also have Lightning Bolts to fill this role if your opponent somehow deals with your Lightning Axe.

The sideboard has a number more creatures with game warping enter the battlefield effects like Dinrova Horror, Thorn of the Black Rose, and Stonehorn Dignitary. You get an alternative win condition in Ulamog’s Crusher; Coalition Honor Guard to distract against control decks and a massive amount more narrow interaction cards like Pyroblast, Magma Spray, Hydroblast, Dispel and more. This deck is massively customizable depending on your local metagame as you are playing one copy of lots of niche cards. For example, if everyone seems to be playing tortured existence or delve then you could slot in a crypt incursion into the main deck.

Overall, if you think you are the next Gabe Nassif and want to pilot a complicated control deck with lots of subtle sequencing and decision making and a card for every matchup then you might just want to sleeve up (or trade some tix for) 5 Color Murasa Tron. Also, note that there are a couple of other variants of this deck in both Dinrova Tron and Stonehorn Dignitary to lock your opponents out but Murasa Tron is currently the most represented version of the deck.
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