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Hi, I've been playing Magic for over 18 years and have been collecting a long time.  I do not have too many cards to trade, but I do my best to update what I have.

However, to keep things interesting, I have a binder that is mostly EDH and/or Legacy that occasionally sparks people's interests. 

To date, I have had several trades through deckbox with the largest trade so far being around $90.

I actually have a good track record for over 380 transactions on Ebay specifically for Magic the Gathering purchases and sales.  If you wish to trade with me, I will honor tracking if you do the same.  I will probably send cards first knowing that you have a higher rating than me. 

Please look through my tradelist and see if there is anything you like!  I will be very up front about condition, so if my deckbox isn't updated for condition, I will let you know before the trade gets in the mail and we can adjust accordingly.

I typically trade on tcg median prices, so even while deckbox averages it out, I think we can get better value in trades if we stuck to the median prices.

Serious trading aside, I am an avid collector of Lightning Helix (any set) and Hunting Grounds. Those are my pet cards.

Additionally, I am trying to complete a foiled out Khans of Tarker set, so I am interested in trades involving all levels of rarity in KTK as long as it is foil. At the moment I am almost complete with the set, just need to fill in mostly more expensive uncommon/rare gaps.

Lastly, if you have sealed booster pack products, I am interested in that as well.  If you have any of the following, I would definitely trade for value, as long as you show me that it is in fact sealed:

1 x 5th Ed
1 x 6th Ed
1x M10 Core Set
1 x Revised
1 x Unglued
1 x Unhinged
1 x P3K
1 x Portal 2nd Age
1 x Portal
1 x Arabian Nights
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