We have been contacted by his assistant. It seems he is away on an assignement overseas. She promised she will take care of shipping the lost packages.

We will message all users with pending trades with him as soon as we get the tracking numbers for the packages.

People that are affected by this can leave negative feedback should they wish to do so.

If any of you is still missing a package from him and do not receive an email from us in the following 2 days, please let us know at support@deckbox.org We will then relay the information to his assistant.


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We're looking into this issue. Closing since it's not a BTR.

Sillystrings, it looks like you do have a Tropical Island to trade, except for the misplaced one. Why did you not want to trade it? This does indeed look like you are backing up from the trade because of the price spike.

Good point, we'll try creating a UI for this.

Good point, will add it!

Yep, should be fixed in tomorrow's release.


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rfioren wrote:

Is it just me or have (some? all?) prices not updated since the prices were fixed last week? I know the prices aren't exactly TCG player any more, but some cards seem to have gone up in value there (e.g., edric, spymaster of trest) but haven't seemed to move here. I wasn't sure if the new pricing scheme is less sensitive to changes? Or if something wasn't working, or if the updates aren't online yet.


You are correct, they are not updated for a few days now. We are doing some structural changes for the upcoming import of missing promo editions etc. I hoped this would go live yesterday and I'd have started price updating then, but due to some hiccups, we're only doing it tommorow. Prices will start updating then.


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I've emailed optiranium69 about this again.


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Link? smile

We also wrote this at point number 6 of our How to ship cards page:


Other than that, we did agree to open a BTR to try to resolve this as quickly as possible. It is true that we may evaluate cards differently even when using the same basic guide (SCG in this case). I'll wait until a moderator looks over this to comment on this further. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly!

BTRs are not used to get moderators to help you decide things. Please see the trading rules. They are used to sanction rule breaking.

If we decide rules were broken, one of you will receive negative feedback. Do you still want to go ahead with this or do you first want to achieve a conclusion beween yourselves?

HikingStick wrote:

Would it be possible for the inventory counts to be displayed above the marketplace sales opportunities on the card database pages (actually, that's my preference everywhere). As it is, i have to scroll past those cards for sale just to see how many i own.

Yes, we are cleaning up the card pages soon, probably moving to a tabbed layout, that will remember your preferred tab, so you always see the section you are most interested in.

Yep, good point, will do.

I want to look into this a bit closer.

So if I understand correctly, @ 11673299549 , you had entered Phyrexian Gargantua in a higher number a while back, and now you have less. Do you by any change aproximately when you are sure you had more of them, and how many?

(I'm just trying to zone in on this).

Yep, we'll be getting new certs.

The security issues are not finished looks like, there are other vulnerabilities discovered, so it might be wise to keep current certs and buy new ones when the waters settle.


We've patched it yesterday. Not sure where you saw it's vulnerable.

Nope, it's not canceled. Do you remember what happened after you canceled it? Were you redirected to the trade page or back to your dashboard?


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Yep, coming soon (within the next 2 weeks).


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Fixed, thanks for reporting!


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Update on the Pricing situation

We have started to look at devising a formula for a Deckbox Market Price, based on our existing prices, amazon and ebay. We had helpful people with a penchant for economy and markets offer their advice, so we are in good hands!

We have made a Prices help page with some details on how we calculate them. Please take a look, we'd love to hear your feedback.

We still appreciate you reporting issues you see with pricing, in our dedicated forum thread.

We will be benchmarking these prices against Tcgplayer and Star City prices to ensure their quality. As we said, what we want to achieve is having a Market Price that is better and more reliable than other ones on the market.

We will also provide graphs of the evolution of these prices over time. If any of you guys have played games such as Eve Online smile , you know you can get powerful market analysis tools such as Moving averages and Donchian Channels plotted over time.


We are aiming at that level of tooling, and work has started.

Helping out

Some users have offered to help with donations or kickstarters. We are still convinced we do not want to accept donations. We want to build a solid business that stands up by itself. If you want to help us or show support, you can do that by buying cards from Deckbox sellers, or by becoming a seller and making sales on our market. That helps in many ways - from supporting the business, to solidifying price information and providing us with better data on market movements.

Thank you all for your support and patience.


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Thank you all for the feedback, closing this topic for now, as much has been said already smile

I'm preparing a release for the prices, and another 'update' annoucement. Should be coming tomorrow.


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True @ Kammikaze, we're adding it this week.

Thanks for reporting, this is now fixed.


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TCGplayerCom wrote:

Just to be very clear. TCGplayer (My Company) did not say that we would be unwilling to work with Deckbox again.

No... your company "did not say" anything actually. Your company only made legal threats.

Let's not start a public dicussion here, I'm not fond of needless drama. I am available via email for discussion, as always.