sloejack, it is possible that we influenced the plugin somehow. I have no idea how the plugin works...

I'm sorry, you seem to be upset about the plugin not working, but it is not our software and we cannot debug it. I am not trying to be unhelpful about this, it's just that it is not within our reach to help you.

That is why I said please make this bug report to the plugin developers. If they need any help or information from us we will provide it. But that's about the extent of what we can do smile

Sure, no problem. Happens to all of us! smile

Actinide wrote:

Hey there, just as a heads up, PayPal shipping is now $1.93, up significantly from $1.64.  I know you guys aren't from the US, but since you had it there, figured I'd give you a heads up.  I don't want anyone to get confused.

Thanks for the reminder. Fixed now.


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Fixed many issues with promo edition foils. Many of them do not show as 0.00 anymore.

Thank you bactgudz for the tip!

These were added one by one, with the import box, not pasted in.

Found in in the logs when you added both the consuming aberration and the dimir charm, on the 19th Apr at around 01:39 GMT, in between adding various other gatecrash cards - Dinrova Horror, Kingpin's Pet, etc.

Nothing looks suspicious about this, pherhaps you mis-typed the counts or forgot about this afterwards?

The export you sent was done on the same day but earlier than this change.

Weill Bettley has been also marked as being involved in this BTR, there is a warning on his profile, and he cannot make new trades until this is solved.

Did you import them by adding manually? Or by importing a csv file?

Looks like before the order you actually had 6 Consuming Aberration in your inventory, and 3 in your Tradelist. (on the 22nd of April).

Still looking into how that changed from the 19th when you had the export. But rest assured that people cannot order things that you do not have in your tradelist.


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teK wrote:

some cards are displaying the same price regardless of condition, some have wrong prices, eg

NM Tundra - $175, LP Tundra $219
NM/LP Wasteland both $108.9
NM Verdant Catacombs $50.43, LP Catacombs $50.68

We do not calculate separate prices for different conditions yet. Where did you see the difference for Catacombs?

Yep, I was just getting to answering your email, I was looking into the issue more closely first. Will definitely be fixed later today.

Thank you for sending the cards despite the bug, much appreciated! We'll add a 10$ discount on your next bill, hopefully that compensates a little bit for the inconvenience.

sloejack wrote:

I use AutocardAnywhere which until very recently (up to Thursday or Friday of last week) worked just fine on Deckbox without modification to the white or blacklist.
Given that the tool continues to function as expected on every other site the only conclusion I can draw is that there has been a change to itself.  If there has always been this pop-over then I never noticed it until this change around the 21st was made.  Therefore, I'll reiterate my previous position which is to undo whatever change was implemented over the past weekend or provide some mechanism to prevent the site from blocking 3rd party tools.

As to the comment about adding price info to the deckbox tool tip frankly, there's already enough suggestions from deckbox about pricing from their chosen source (on tradelist, wishlist, and inventory pages) and I prefer some 3rd party input so I would say that in general it would be a waste of development cycles to add that to the pop-over currently used.

We did not change anything regarding the pop-up.

Please get in touch with the AutocardAnywhere developers to fix this issue.

Paypal has very confusing naming for their account types, and it has also changed recently. As far as I know the account for actual businesses was called "Premier" up until just a couple of weeks ago. Now I see that they only have Personal and Business on their US website as account types. 

With their current acount naming structure you only need a verified Personal account with paypal, where you can receive money. NOT a Business account.

I will remove and clarify that in our help pages.


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Actually I'm wrong. Tired... not all pistons firing properly smile

Another way to look at it is that the only sets that have both non-foil and foil versions of a given card are core and expert set releases post 7th edition as well as modern masters

And for these core and expert set releases post 7th edition, any card can be either foil or non-foil?

Kammikaze wrote:

You keep changing your profile picture and it's messing with my brain! Twice in one week!

Haha, sorry for that. Felt in a wintery mood today big_smile


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Not 100% as easy as that. We have cards that have a market price for both a foil and a non foil price although they have only a foil printing (see the reported Venser from the duel decks).

This might happen because of our import sources (a while back tcgplayer, now amazon), or our own sellers who set a price on a card marked as foil, although that edition did not have a foil printing.

But the info you gave is still valuable! Just can't apply it that easily smile

migrena wrote:
psrex wrote:

Price issues should go in this thread:

To avoid further confusion - are card categorization issues resulting in incorrect price assignment considered "price issues"?

Yep, that's a good place for now, I'm fixing both types of issues at the same time.


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mattmcc wrote:

Collector's edition cards are off- black lotus is @$18 where most i have seen is around $250-300. It may be off with the rest of the set too, just have not checked yet.

Fixed Black Lotus pricing.

Yep, we've thought about something along these lines. First implementation could be an option to set a "notification treshhold" for cards in your wishlist. Whenever one of them is posted for sale for less, you'd get an email about it. (Not sure about the specifics yet, just a thought).

Yep, sorry for overlooking this. Will fix for next release (possibly sunday).


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My question is about the promo sets mostly. Out of the other ones, I think only the From The Vault, Premium Deck Series and Commander's Arsenal are foil-only. Right?

Hi all,

His assistant is now again not answering to our emails.

Please cancel your trades, leave negative feedback, and if you have lost cards file for mail fraud.

We will mark him as a scammer.


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Do you guys know of a reliable, comprehensive source of information where we could see which cards have both a foil & normal printing in a certain edition. (or just foil, or just normal)?

The problem is there are no official edition icons for these sets sad

We have the card tooltips since the beginning, and they are not going away smile

I do want to add market price info on the card tooltip though, during this week.