2 32 deck challenge

by mattmcc

3 Lord of the Rings

by SengirHellLord

8 Question: Preferred Link

by ToeFuNinja

9 Prismatic Nightmares SL

by SengirHellLord

10 Pro tour card stamp

by MandrillMan

11 Test/Forum issues

by Sightburner

15 Outstanding cards

by EyeballBollo

16 Inventory Rarity Filter Bug

by 1072802017

19 MTG for Game Boy Color/Pokemon games

by soveryinvisible

20 Card for Trade

by Pokeboon

23 Spoiler view feature request

by 1072802017

24 Want: Foil Tokens

by Rekter

28 Murders at karlov manor

by Dragonfyre_Games

29 Filter for No Rules Text

by krichey15