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~~~I just entered some of my expansive inventory & wanted to try out the deckbuilding feature. But when I click to create a new deck or folder it pops up the text box to name it, but won't create anything when I hit enter.  Is there a step that I am missing?

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I just managed to create a new deck entry from m y decbox facebook app...but still can't withing the site itself...anyone else having this issue?

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I just created both a test deck and folder with no problem. What browser/OS are you using?

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windows 7 with IE9

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I can replicate it with IE 9. If you have a different browser installed (or an earlier version of IE even) it should behave properly. It looks like the javascript code was written before IE 9 came out and contains some code branches that do special things for IE (because IE used to require such special cases). They got better with IE 9 which unfortunately means that the special stuff you used to have to do now breaks the correctly-working IE 9.

For the site programmer(s):

The error is INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR (5) in tcg.js line 8346, specifically this part:

/* Element creation */
var createElement = (function() {
                var element = document.createElement(tagParts.join(""));  <-- line 8346

IE9 changed the way createElement works so it can no longer take a full html tag with all the params. You have to just give it the base element and then call setAttribute for each attribute. Presumably the code to handle non-IE browsers (lines 8358-8366) should work with IE 9 (or be similar to what will work). … ion-in-ie9 … s.85).aspx

I'm not sure if this was part of Prototype 1.6.1 or is custom code. If it is the former it seems there is a newer version 1.7 of Prototype.

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so in order to create decks or least until the site prrogrammers address this issue, I'll have to install a completely separate browse like chrome or firefox?  that sucks...I guess for now I can just create my decks thru facebook & not have folders to put them in.

If that's the only flaw I have come across thus far, I am still very happy with this site & all it offers. 

I do like the suggestion made in another forum thread that there be a way to tag cards in inventory & cards in decks would make organizing my tradelists much easier if I don't have to remember how many of my 15 Oblivion Rings are already  in decks and how many are available for trade.

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There is a workaround. In IE, hit the Alt button to bring up the pull-down menus. Go to Tools -> Compatibility View Settings. Add to the list of sites (probably empty). Then when you visit the site, there will be a "broken page" icon in between the maginfying glass and the refresh button. If it is highlighted blue then the site is emulating older IE behavior (and you'll see a big warning at the top of the site that your IE version isn't the newest), but creating folders and decks will work. If it is highlighted grey, just click it to turn it blue.

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Thank you for reporting esser and for the very insightful responses and investigation preypacer. I will try fixing this asap. There will be some delay though because I'm still in the process of moving the website to another server, a process which proves to take longer than I thought.

I'll definitely try to get a fix ready the next day or so.

P.S. Moving topic to Site Feedback

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~~~The credit goes to preypacer for figuruing out the situation...I wish more sites had this level of attentive & knowledgable people paying attention & helping out the new guys.  In the mean time I hve been able to create decks via the facebook side of things [great feature BTW]...and am really grooving on teh site & have been hyping it to my local game group.

I'm hooked

And since this thread has site owner attention, I'd like to voice my vote for a way to separate cards in inventory from cards in decks...that would be extremely helpful, wspecially when figuring out trade lists.

Thanks again & keep up the great work...I hope the server migration goes well

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You'd complain about anything esser! tongue

btw, this is AJ, thanks for showing me the site!

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no complaint...I am digging this site

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This is fixed as of this morning.