Topic: Database updates, website stability


Mtg recently got a nice new shiny Premium set: Graveborn, and we've imported it today.

Warhammer got a few card fixes (thanks cuttingrage and primus magicus), like

Star Dragon
Swarm of Bats
Warhawk Rider
Ancient Stegadon

We've also got a brand new expansion, The Iron Rock. I haven't got any card images for them though, so if any kind soul has them, let me know by email or by posting in the Warhammer subforum here. Many thanks.

Cuttingrage has let me know there are some inconsistencies with traits on some cards, but sadly I did not have time to properly investigate this in depth. Will do for next time.

Wow players get some missing cards added to the db (thank you Terrylaterreur, Crimson and xou for reporting):

Kirox Butcherblade
Jacob Blackcrest
Leisha of Darnassus
Jaral of Gilneas
Rumi of Gnomeregan
Saria of Stormwind
Kaave of the Exodar
Baeltor of the Undercity
Frizlix of Kezan
Akumo of Thunder Bluff
Kalia of Silvermoon City
Gurzak of Orgrimmar
Void Rip
Bottled Cunning
Red Rider Air Rifle


There have been reports lately of site responsiveness problems and stability and we've identified the most probable culprit, but my tinkering upto now has not been conclusive. We're still looking at these problems, it will work smoother in the next few days. At least I can feel good that my sysadmin / webmaster / unix admin skills are considerably helped to improve by this persistent issue. My sanity not so much. lol

Re: Database updates, website stability

Responsiveness around 1:45 to 1:52 PM EST has been pretty poor.  > 45 seconds for simple card look ups to complete so a card can be added to a deck.  Also took > 2 minutes to enable a column on the deck list view.