Topic: Error in card name

The card listed as :

Should be Landro's Hitching Post
(Note that wowtcgdb made a typo in the name: Landro's)

I've liste my card as War Party Hitching Post even though it's not the proper name, but it would be great if it could be changed.

Thank you!

Re: Error in card name


Thanks for reporting the error. Landro's Hitching Post is now correctly named and has a (arguably) nice image smile

Re: Error in card name

Acutally, that was partly true.

The card War Party hitching post does exist and has the same text, image and everything else.  I saw it in a store, it was the loot card foil and scratchable.  So my guess is that the card I have (Landro's) is the non-loot version.  Maybe you should create them both?

Sorry, I saw the war party card yesterday only.