Topic: About some rules

Hey guys,

I was play HE, my friend was empire.

When I played in my kingdom stage,

Gifts of Aenarion: Action: Cancel all damage that would be dealt to your capital until the end of the turn. For each damage thus canceled, gain 1 resource.

And I use

Perfecting the Spell to rearrange my deck,

Action: Put the top card of your deck into play facedown as a development. Then, look at the top X cards of your deck and put them back on the top or bottom of your deck in any order. X is the number of developments you control.

Then, Comet of Casandora dealt 17 indirect damage to each player.

Action: Reveal the top 2 cards of your deck. Deal X indirect damage to each player. X is the total printed cost of the revealed cards. Then, put the revealed cards on the bottom of your deck.

His capital and units could take no more than 15 damage, mine could take no more than 18 damage,

Then he played a card (forgot which one) to deal 2 indirect damage to my capital,

My question is, should I take all 19 damage once or Gifts of Aenarion has its effect so I could take 2 indirect damage and cancel it, then take 17 damage?

Another general question is,

When I have 3 Daemon Prince in play,

Battlefield only. This unit cannot be declared as an attacker or defender unless it has exactly 3 resource tokens on it. Action: Sacrifice a unit to put a resource token on this unit.

When I sacrifice a unit,  should everyone of them get a coin or just one get a coin?

Thanks for your help.

Re: About some rules

1) The effect of Gifts of Aenarion lasts until the end of turn and affects all damage to your capital. It doesn't just work once. So if you assign the indirect damage from your Comet and your opponent's effect to your capital, it all gets canceled and you get resources instead.

2) The sacrifice is a cost ("Sacrifice a unit TO ...", the part before "to" is always a cost). You can only pay it once, then the unit gone, so only one Daemon Prince will get a token. For all three of them to get a token the card would need to say something like "When you sacrifice a unit, put a resource token on this card."