Topic: Core vs Classic legal indicator?

Any chance on getting a format indicator in the same section as deck name, value etc?

Core format is the most recent 3 blocks of the game. On 12/19/10 there will be 5 blocks released so blocks 3 thru 5 will be allowed in the core format with block 2 rotating out.

Ive added a list of all the editions in each block along with the mini releases.

Block 1

Heroes of Azeroth [AZEROTH]
Through the Dark Portal [DARK PORTAL]
Fires of Outland [OUTLAND]
Feast of Winterveil set cards (from Feast boxed set) [WINTERVEIL]
Onyxia's Lair treasure [ONYXIA]
Molten Core treasure [MOLTEN CORE]
The Burning Crusade promo cards (from WoW Burning Crusade Limited Edition) [BC PROMO]
Mrglrglmrglmrrrlggg [BLIZZCON 2007]

Block 2 - Rotates out of Core 12/19/2010

March of the Legion [LEGION]
Servants of the Betrayer [plus Betrayer Crafted, BETRAYER]
Hunt for Illidan (plus Illidan Crafted) [ILLIDAN]
Magtheridon's Lair treasure [MAGTHERIDON]
Black Temple treasure and Traitor cards [BLACK TEMPLE]
The Darkmoon Faire [DARKMOON FAIRE]
Badge of Justice 1-4 (little diamond-y icon) [BADGE]
Crafted 1-14 (various icons) [CRAFTED]

Block 3

Drums of War (plus Drums Crafted) [DRUMS] [DRUMS CRAFTED]
Blood of Gladiators (plus Gladiators Crafted) [GLADIATORS] [GLADIATORS CRAFTED]
Fields of Honor (plus Fields Crafted) [HONOR] [HONOR CRAFTED]
Drums of War Starter [DRUMS STARTER]
Death Knight Starter [KNIGHT]
Arena Grand Melee [GRAND MELEE]

Block 4

Scourgewar (plus Scourgewar Badge 1-4 and Scourgewar Crafted) [SCOURGEWAR] [scourgewar icon, CRAFTED] [scourgewar icon, BADGE]
Wrathgate (plus Wrathgate Badge 1-4 and Wrathgate Crafted) [WRATHGATE] [wrathgate icon, CRAFTED] [wrathgate icon, BADGE]
Icecrown (plus Icecrown Badge 1-4 and Icecrown Crafted) [ICECROWN] [icecrown icon, CRAFTED] [icecrown icon, BADGE]
Class Starter Decks [CLASS]
Naxxramas treasure [NAXXRAMAS]

Block 5 - Rotates into core 12/19/2010

Worldbreaker [WORLDBREAKER]
Feast of Winterveil Promo Card (Red Rider Air Rifle) [HOLIDAY 1]