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Like the sight so far. I would like to input my intire collection from years ago. I am a bit of a complete-ist, so I tend to have at least one of everything for many of the the early sets.  Is there any way to input the carts by set? Ex: all of 2nd ed. or all of the Dark? Is there any way to filter by set in the Quick Card Search, that way I could just go down the list and check the ones I have?


Re: speedy entry

The closest you'll get right now is the advanced card add tab (after clicking "Add Cards", its the one with the chromatic circle image).

If you can generate a printout of your current collection, it makes things easier, but will still take a while.

Even a feature to limit entry options based on the release block would be helpful.  That way, only cards in the selected block will come up once you start typing names (and the appropriate edition will automatically pre-populate).

I love the advanced card options feature, but it is a minor pain when entering cards from older blocks that have appeared in multiple blocks, since it always defaults to the most recent block.

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