Topic: Editing card details en masse

Most of the promo cards like the DCI Sword of Fire and Ice and the APAC lands can't be found on, even though they're listed on Is this a planned feature or in development?

update: sorry, didn't see that you could add foils and a few promos. I figured out how now. I'm turning this thread into another request.

I would like to request that we're able to edit card details (promo, edition, limited) en masse, instead of having to click on "edit card details" for every one. Otherwise, it takes too long for those of us that wish to fill in the details of every card. Also, if this is implemented, I would like to be able to set default values for when we add cards. For example, I would like all of my cards added to automatically be in English when added.


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Re: Editing card details en masse

I second that request. I just had to go through and mark all my newly added cards as Dark Ascension because I forgot to do it when I added them. What a pain!

Re: Editing card details en masse

I have an Excel File with all my Cards and Details. I used to export it to a CSV and use the Massimport:

4, Entomb, Graveborn

Will that be possible? That would be great.

Re: Editing card details en masse

If you use the Advanced Input dialog (choose the rainbow dial in the Add Cards dialog), then all cards you enter will get condition / language and edition assigned a default. We're considering making that the default input option, because many users miss it.

I have to admit that editing card details for already big collections is a very daunting task. We do have a couple of ideas for improving that, we'll see what we can do smile