Topic: I need 3 Dragonskull Summit's

If you have any please let me know. Almost everything in my inventory is up for trade (Besides most of my Werewolves and Vampires.)

Re: I need 3 Dragonskull Summit's

I have some in my tradelist; I'll take a look at your inventory and see if I need anything.

FYI this whole mess is much easier if you maintain a tradelist and a wishlist.  Then people can easily find what you want, see if you have what they need and propose a trade to make it official.  Otherwise, you'll be stuck posting on the forums for all your needs which might limit the pool of potential traders.

Re: I need 3 Dragonskull Summit's

And now I feel like a jerk...

I made the assumption, given your post here, that you did not maintain a wishlist/tradelist.  It turns out you do so I apologize for not checking before I replied.

Re: I need 3 Dragonskull Summit's

The only thing on your tradelist I would be interested in is the Sorin but I only have about $21 of the stuff from your wishlist.  Are there other cards you might want that you haven't added to your wishlist yet?  Do you see anything in my tradelist that would make up the difference?