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Hi, I have 3 ideas to implement in DeckBox.

- Foiled card price : Everybody know that foiled cards have more value than standard card. It could be an idea to calculate the real value of foiled card, helping to have an idea about the real value of these.
- Expand the card list per Edition : It could be an option instead of going in the card detail to get this information.
- Mark decks as mounted : Mounted deck will count in the "In deck" count because you can have unmounted deck that you don't want to be counted in the "In deck" total in the Inventory.

P.S. : Sorry for my english, it's not my language.

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I believe the foil pricing is being worked on, and may be included with the rework to track edition pricing.
Or maybe just in the roadmap.

As for the mounting, I would be very interested in a way to advocate exactly which card is in a deck.
Ex - My NM Alpha Sol Ring, vs My MP Revised Sol ring.

However what you have described, is already implemented.
A deck's list does not automatically count towards your inventory or wishlist, but you can designate if you do own those cards for tracking if the deck can/is 'built'.
If I understand correctly.

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I was talking about the "Total Deck Count".

I tried and I can't change the Total Deck Count manually.
I give an example : I have 2 deck in my deck list. The first one is an actual deck. The second one is a copy from another member and I want to create this deck with my cards. In each deck, there is 4 copy of the same card (Ex : Orichi Sustainer).
In this example, the actual "Total Deck Count" would be 8.
If we can mark the second deck as unmounted, we could have the "Total Deck Count" 4, and it will be more useful.
Having this count, I could tell that I have 6 Orichi Sustainer and there is 4 in a deck, so I say there is 2 tradable Orichi Sustainer to trade.
And it will be more easy to manage  unmounted and wanted deck.

Is it more understandable this way?

Re: Suggestions

When looking a deck, you should have 3 columns;
Inventory Count,
Wishlist Count,
Count in this deck.

If you click the numbers in these columns, it should become editable.
"Count in this deck" will only total cards for the deck you are looking at.
The other columns; Inventory Count and Wishlist count, influence your totals across your account.
As such if I have two decks with Orochi Sustainer, and I only have 4 in my deck, but 4 listed under my copy deck. As long as I only have 4 listed in my inventory, it should be an accurate count.

I am not sure were you might be seeing a deck count that is doubling.

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Souel is referring to the fact that he might have one deck that is just a deck idea, and does not represent an actual built deck. So he'd like to mark it somehow, so that cards inside it do not count toward the "Total in decks" figure.

I think this has been requested before as well, under various forms. We'd definitely want to add it, as it's a good idea, and has various other applications as well (aside from a more correct 'total in decks' count).

Your other 2 suggestions are already in development. smile

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My bad!

That's what I get by trying to help, heh.

Duly noted.

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Thank you. And sorry for my writing.