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Re: how do I delete this account?

I've been searching for this kind of option for some time now. Saw this topic in the forum and thought I'll be finding some answers but besides "thanks" there is nothing. So if I would like to delete my account and the info. it has what do I have  to do?

Re: how do I delete this account?

I want to start by saying I do not represent this site in any way; this is simply my personal opinion as a software engineer and based on the actions of many other websites.

From a control perspective, user accounts are often "owned" by the site while the data inside of it belongs to you (sort of).  Facebook is a good example of this.

You could simply just delete all of your decks, inventory, tradelist and wishlist to get close to what you're after.  However, I doubt your profile will ever be able to be truly deleted since certain actions you may have taken (e.g. this forum post) are now part of the public domain.

Re: how do I delete this account?


Tawnos is correct, completely deleting a user is problematic, some things like forum posts, deck comments already are quoted and have replies, these cannot be removed, for many reasons.

We can however remove your name, email, login info, set data and friendships from the website if you really want. Please send us an email from your deckbox registered email address to if you want to go through with it. Note that if you change your mind, we will not be able to bring back the account and its information to you.

Re: how do I delete this account?

I have seen sites label this kind of thing as "anonymize account" instead of "delete account" to more accurately portray what it does under the covers. (obviously with appropriate confirmation steps and warnings along the way that it is irreversible)