Topic: help identifying/entering card?

just got my fiancee onto deckbox, and i'm helping her enter her collection, and she has this one card which doesn't seem to fit the individual attributes deckbox supports.

it's a gold-bordered armageddon (3 colorless 1 white, destroy all lands); instead of the normal MtG card back it has a DCI logo, 1998 world championships, seattle august 1998;  there is no set symbol, only a signature which differs from the artist name.

so how do i enter this into the system?

Re: help identifying/entering card?

That's from one of the old World Champion decks that WOTC put out a while back. The idea behind them was each year they'd print special versions of some of the best decks at that years World Championship events. They weren't tournameent legal or anything, but the idea was to give people a chance to play with some of the top decks without having to fork out a small fortune aquiring all the cards.

Currently, there isn't a way to enter these cards into the database here. What I've been doing with those cards is either putting them aside to add later if the database gets expanded, or adding them as an expansion that came aorund around the same time, but classing it as a "promo" card. Not ideal, but it's one way.

Not really sure if those old cards are worth anything or not these days. They weren't very popular at the time, so they might now be considered semi-rare collectables? Not really sure. Any ideas anyone?

Re: help identifying/entering card?

an EDH player here or there might be interested, they are playable in that format.

I'd be weary of calling them Promos, though...could give the impression that the card is legal in regular formats, but a promo version.

Re: help identifying/entering card?

You can make a note of it in your profile for now, or make a forum post about it. Typically, people won't want to trade due to the legality issues, though.