Topic: My Casual Multiplayer Deck is too big anyone have any suggestions?

My Deck:

I am looking for any suggestions on what cards I can cut out from this multiplayer deck.

I am basically a player that loves his one deck and wants to just play that one deck constantly in all multiplayer games. Over the years I have been turning a simple red and green mana acceleration/monsters/direct damage deck into this monstrous 100+ card red, green, black, and white deck that has been modified to deal with a ton of different decks( wraiths of gods, naturalizes, terrors, shatter storms, Tranquility) in an attempt to keep up with the numerous different types of decks my fellow casual multiplayers have been coming up with. I have come to the realization that I might need to stream and improve my deck to help me win more of these multiplayer games.

The background on the multiplayer games is that my father, brother, my friends, my father's friends, and myself get together 1-3 times a year for 3-5 days to play tons of magic and can dozens of games in there period of time with anywhere from 3-10 player games at a time.

The cards that are listed are all legit, my father has been a collector since the 80s and the majority of the older cards/duel lands are his from when the originally were released.

Re: My Casual Multiplayer Deck is too big anyone have any suggestions?

I think the biggest problem here is that there isn't any real direction.  You're sitting on 55 different cards across four colors.  What combo(s) were you wanting to focus on?  Do you have any input on the types of decks that you face during this mad block of multiplayer games?  Whatever guidance you can offer will help the rest of us so that we can make informed suggestions (otherwise you're really just asking us to make a deck for you...).

Re: My Casual Multiplayer Deck is too big anyone have any suggestions?

Have to agree. At first looking at it, I thought it was an EDH deck where you're only supposed to have 1 of each card. Otherwise, if you're just trying to do a normal 60, it's best to capitalize on multiples of cards.

This is how it was explained to me. Pretend your deck is some of your favorite family members. Pick out your favorites and add multiples of those. These are the ones you want to see come around more, especially for your family visits.

If you look at the deck you posted right at top, click on Tools and then on statistics, you can see an example of what your hand could possibly look like and/or you can see what your mana curve is looking like. Depending on what you want your deck to do, it may be fast or ramp up slowly. Then if  you look down below, you can tell yourself how much land you need total and it will split it up for you.

Now, one thing I will point out, but someone can correct me if I'm wrong, I like the dual lands you have in here (yes, I know they're way old school and count as basic lands), but I'm not sure 10 cards is enough for this deck when you have some monstrous casting costs on some of your one ofs. For instance, your Hellkite Overlord essentially costs 8. You'll have to, luckily mind you, bring out 80% of your land before you can bring that badboy out and hopefully before you draw every card in your deck.

Key points:

  • You want to be consistent. Bring out your favorite family members more by having 3 or 4. Hell, even 2 cards doubles your chances of getting your favorites.

  • Pick a strategy. Do you want to go fast or ramp up. In multiplayer, it's probably better to ramp. You want a few 1 cost spells, a little higher on 2, and then top out at 3 before it starts to go down. (This is the mana curve I was talking about)

  • Have the right amount of land. If you are keeping your higher cost cards like Hellkite Overlord, you'll need 25 or 26 land.

I'm by no means an expert, but that's what I've gathered on my experience. Hope it helps!

Re: My Casual Multiplayer Deck is too big anyone have any suggestions?

My thoughts are that I end up with a lot of mana pretty much every game. The mana excel(Kodama, Cultivate, Nature's Lure, Birds, Garruk, the land druid) in the deck with the creature kill lets me stay in the game for a relatively long time when we are talking about multiplayer. The reason the Hellkite is there is for the Natural Orders or for the late game also the abilities on him make him pretty close to unbeatable if he works his way out. I mean we play really big multiplayer games I am talking like 5-10 people normally so there are points where there are truces and what not. Every 2 players away is in your world and you can effect them but attack 1 person away.

I keep my deck like this because I want to be able to deal with a whole lot of issues when they arise. I have also been thinking about picking up tri-lands as well.

Re: My Casual Multiplayer Deck is too big anyone have any suggestions?

It may be that you are playing 5-10 person games, but the point Hellnikko and I are trying to make is that you could put together a much more consistent deck that will benefit from numerous card combos if you decide how you want to focus the deck.  You can have a more standard deck that will perform just fine in multiplayer scenarios.  For instance, my elf deck ( works well in a one-on-one format with the pumped elves, or in multiplayer with the extreme mana ramping, life gain, and a few well timed big hurricanes.  BUT, the deck wouldn't work if it was just one of each of those cards.

What is the typical strategy you would like to employ to win?  Do you want to focus on board clearing effects?  Do you want to outlast the enemy, take them out one at a time, or just win the whole game in a mighty blaze of fury?  These are the sorts of questions you need to answer because at current, you have more of an EDH deck than anything else and the card combos you might be looking at will be few and far between with the way you have it configured currently.

With regard to the lands, why pick up tri-lands if you're already doing just fine with your current land configuration?