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Name  Type Cls Set
Ally - Undead Rogue Legion
Arena Ally - Goblin Battlemaster Honor
Ally - Undead Rogue Drums Starter
Hero - Gnome Mage Illidan
Ally - Gnome Rogue Honor
Hero - Undead Warrior Gladiators
Ally - Gnome Mage Gladiators
Ally - Dwarf Warrior Dark Portal
Ally - Human Cook Legion
Ally - Gnome Warlock Gladiators
Ally - Undead Warrior Illidan
Ally - Undead Rogue Illidan
Ally - Undead Priest Legion
Item Wrathgate
Ally - Human Warrior Outland
Ally - Gnome Rogue Dark Portal
Ally - Undead Priest Legion
Ally - Gnome Warrior Gladiators
Ally - Dwarf Rogue Illidan
Ally - Undead Warrior Legion
Ally - Orc Warrior Illidan
Ally - Gnome Rogue Wrathgate
Ally - Gnome Mage Elements
Quest Elements
Ability Outland
Quest Betrayal
Quest Outland
Quest Dark Portal
Quest Azeroth
Quest Twilight
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