Topic: Vanguard cards for trade

In addition to the cards on my tradelist, I also have a complete Vanguard Set #3 (Eladamri, Lyna, Multani, Oracle, Rofellos, Sidar Kondo, Silver Queen - Brood Mother, Takara) and Twanos from Vanguard Set #4. I'm not quite sure of the value of these cards, but I'd love to help someone out if they are a collector.

I also have 2x Karpulsan Forest over-sized Arena lands that I won in local shop tournaments back in the day, if anyone is interested. These are generally valued, from what I can find, at around $10 a piece, but I value them a bit lower and am willing to entertain any offers.

Re: Vanguard cards for trade

You can add Vanguard to your deckbox/tradelist. The value is also there.

Re: Vanguard cards for trade

Thanks for the tip!!