Topic: Warhammer: Invasion

Thanks to a prolific MtG deckbuilder (Locke) that turned to other games, I'm proud to present the first new game to be added to deckbox: Warhammer: Invasion. (Card list here:

A relatively new game, it lacks an official card database, or deck building software. So I figured we could make an effort to  accomodate them here. smile The lack of an official card listing or database makes this task a bit difficult, along with the fact that  I personally do not have easy access to the game expansions in my home town.

So I have set up a thread here where the Warhammer players can give me a hand with spoilers and card scans as expansion sets come out.

So... Welcome and happy deckbuilding! (and jump over to the other thread to help me with the missing card scans tongue)