Topic: Anthologies set missing from the Database

It's not the in the drop-down list for the cards in the set:

Dinstinguishing characteristics: white border, set marks a la Chronicles, 1998 copyright date.

Can we get this added? (Also, if this is the wrong place to ask about this, could someone please point me in the right direction?)

Re: Anthologies set missing from the Database

I think it'd be more likely to be seen in "Site Suggestions and Feedback" instead of here, at least by people who can do something about it.  I also noticed the Cold Snap theme decks aren't included either.  Basically been keeping a list as I've been inventorying my cards so I can add them later if (or when) they get added into the database.

Re: Anthologies set missing from the Database

Ah, this has been brought up before, I believe. From what I recall, Anthologies is not listed on Gatherer, so it won't show up on the site until they finish up their parser for another site (, I think it was), which should also allow them to import some other missing stuff at the same time.