Topic: Yahoo Mail problems !!

There are apparently some problems with email delivery to Yahoo addresses.

More clearly, yahoo refuses to deliver email messages from deckbox to their mailboxes. I haven't got any idea why this happens, but they have apparently marked this domain as problematic (there probably have some kind of filter that kicks in for relatively new domains when they exceed some daily email quota... I have no idea...)

All users who have yahoo addresses MAY not receive emails sent from other people on deckbox, or notifications of finished trades, etc. More problematic is that activation emails are not delivered, but I will post a message explaining that on the signup page as well.

Sorry for this problem, I have contacted the Yahoo postmasters and I'll try to sort this out. sad

Re: Yahoo Mail problems !!

Does it goes into the "spam" section or it does not get delivered at all?

Re: Yahoo Mail problems !!

Not delivered at all. All mails right now have a status of "delivery temporarily suspended". sad

Working on it...

Re: Yahoo Mail problems !!

Finally, as of yesterday all yahoo related problems should be fixed. (No guarantees about mail going to the Bulk folder instead of Inbox though sad).

Re: Yahoo Mail problems !!

Sadly, it seems the problems with Yahoo mail have NOT been resolved. Email from deckbox to yahoo addresses is again NOT delivered AT ALL for the last 3 days.

I don't know what the problem is, I have emailed their postmasters again, but it will take at the very least another 2 days for anyone to respond.

In the mean time if you have a yahoo address linked to your account please change it to gmail or some other provider if you have any.

Thanks and sorry for the ongoing problems.

Re: Yahoo Mail problems !!

I think this is once again fixed. (Not thanks to Yahoo, who have a horrible, horrible customer support team - at least the one that deals with postmaster issues for small sites like deckbox smile I'm starting to believe their whole mail operation is just bad.)

Some mails may have been lost in the interim though - like trade notifications.

Please go to your profile and click on Trades to check the status of yours, emails notifying you of newly proposed ones may have been lost.


Re: Yahoo Mail problems !!

The problems with email delivery to Yahoo addresses still is not resolved sad Yesterday i created my account on and i didn't got my activation mail. Today I've changed it to an Gmail account, hope will work now.

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A lot of people creating accounts don't receive their activation emails. I tried to make one for my brother but never got the email.

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too bad sad hope the problem will be resolved soon

Re: Yahoo Mail problems !!

Very sorry for the problems. The server where deckbox is hosted has been restarted by the hosting company and some background scripts did not start properly, hence email sending problems sad

It should be fixed now!

Re: Yahoo Mail problems !!

I'm still unable to send emails using my yahoo account. Is there any way to change my registered email address over?

Switched to my hotmail account and still having the "messages failed to send" icon flash up at the tip. Any update?

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