Topic: Grats on 2,000 Members!

That's really it. I remember registering so long ago that we barely had triple digits. Now we are into the meaningful quad digit territory.

A testament to the hard work of a certain somebody, who will surely accept the praise with more humility than needed.

Thanks Sebi, and keep it up!
When you are here, you are one of the family.
Connect with the family on Facebook comming soon!

Re: Grats on 2,000 Members!

As I see it, we're not quite there yet. But close, indeed.
What I'd like to see though is the country repartition, as the vast majority is listed as being from an "Unknown" location.

Re: Grats on 2,000 Members!

Good point!

And off-course tnx Sebi and Laura for this beautiful tool big_smile

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Re: Grats on 2,000 Members!

Thanks everybody for your kind words! Much appreciated.

For our part, I can promise that even if sometimes features seem to be coming slow, we're definitely not abandoning the development (we just need to find the time for it in between the real-life things smile). All promised features are coming soon smile

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Re: Grats on 2,000 Members!

thx sebi and laura for this great tool.

Where i can see how many members are registered?

Do we have no five-digit members already?