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TypeUnit, Neutral (Neutral)
Edition The Accursed Dead (# 15)
TraitsWood Elf, Elite
RulesOrder only. Action: When one of your zones with at least 3 developments is attacked, put this unit into play in that zone from your hand, declared as a defender. Action: If this unit has 2 or less damage on it or assigned to it, return this unit to the top of its owner's deck.
Users having Bladesinger
Found 4 users
# Name Location
3 Poland - Warsaw
3 Spain - Pozuelo de Alarcón
1 Germany
3 Poland - Lodz
Latest decks using Bladesinger
Name User Races
Copy of Branches and Roots ziem
(Cat) WE Athel Loren 1 Kindlesmith
Combo Fast Stefano Chiodi
Combo - Povertà ai nemici Stefano Chiodi
Dwarf Wood Elves alexbobspoons

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