Church of Sigmar
TypeSupport, Empire (Order)
Edition Core Set (# 39)
Cost2 +
RulesKingdom. Opponents cannot target your units with card effects unless they pay an additional 1 resource per effect.
Users having Church of Sigmar
Found 75 users
# Name Location
3 France - Nanterre
1 Italy - Udine
3 United States - New Jersey
1 France - Nancy
1 Portugal - Maia
Latest decks using Church of Sigmar
Name User Races
Copy of Booooooska Talia eLLiptik
Copy of 1st place - Polish Championships 2014 Jan
Copy of Copy of Copy of Wizard's Rush Magribinus
Hemmler Hell Patryk Sokalski
Copy of Verena v4 Patryk Sokalski

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