Friedrich Hemmler
TypeUnit, Empire (Order)
Edition Redemption of a Mage (# 63)
Cost5 +
TraitsHero, Mage
RulesLimit one Hero per zone. FORCED: When this unit is opposed in combat, deal 1 uncancellable damage to all attacking and defending units.
Users having Friedrich Hemmler
Found 11 users
# Name Location
3 Italy - Monza
3 Poland - Mazowieckie
3 Poland - Wroclaw
3 Poland - Warsaw
3 Poland - Opolskie
Latest decks using Friedrich Hemmler
Name User Races
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Hemmler Hell Patryk Sokalski
Copy of Verena v4 Patryk Sokalski
Verena Hemmler Patryk Sokalski
imperium Donkokosso

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