Judgement of Loec
TypeSupport, High Elf (Order)
Edition Legends (# 26)
Cost1 +
TraitsAttachment, Spell
RulesAttach to a target unit or development. Attached card is considered to have a blank text box, loses all power, and becomes a development.
Users having Judgement of Loec
Found 8 users
# Name Location
3 Spain - Cartagena
3 Germany - Bamberg
3 Poland - Warsaw
3 Unknown location
3 Spain - Pozuelo de Alarcón
Latest decks using Judgement of Loec
Name User Races
indirect damage Glenn
Copy of Teclis Tactics jhammer
Copy of HE Regio Wawa 2014 9th place Pawlow
Hochelfen llZoRRoll
Indirect Damage Darkriver

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