Judgement of Verena
TypeTactic, Empire (Order)
Edition Core Set (# 49)
Cost4 +
RulesPlay during your turn. Action: Destroy all unit and support cards in each zone with no developments.
Users having Judgement of Verena
Found 25 users
# Name Location
3 Italy - San Benedetto Del Tronto
1 Poland - Poznan
1 Poland - Jelenia Gora
2 Poland - Jelenia Gora
1 Poland - Rzeszow
Latest decks using Judgement of Verena
Name User Races
Copy of Verena v4 Patryk Sokalski
test Patryk Sokalski
Imperium Przemysław Krygier
imperium Donkokosso
Copy of EMP VEROCIRAPTOR Donkokosso

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