Mounted Marauders
TypeUnit, Chaos (Destruction)
Edition Rising Dawn (# 12)
Cost4 +
TraitsWarrior, Cavalry
RulesForced: When this unit attacks and survives combat, defending player must sacrifice a quest or support card he controls in the attacked zone, if able.
Users having Mounted Marauders
Found 12 users
# Name Location
3 China - Shanghai
3 Poland - Lodzkie
3 Poland - Lodz
3 Poland - Kielce
3 Poland - Malopolskie
Latest decks using Mounted Marauders
Name User Races
2. stolenskin1 terrakhan
Szybki Exul
Corrupt Control Lutz
Copy of Nurgle Vader2097
Archaons Swords 01 Silver

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