Raiding Parties
TypeQuest, Orc (Destruction)
Edition The Iron Rock (# 60)
Cost0 +
RulesQuest. Action: When this card enters play, draw a card. Quest. Action: When you play an Orc non-Attachment support card from your hand, destroy target development if a unit is questing here.
Users having Raiding Parties
Found 5 users
# Name Location
3 Poland - Opolskie
3 Poland - Opolskie
3 Spain - Pozuelo de Alarcón
3 Unknown location
3 Poland - Wroclaw
Latest decks using Raiding Parties
Name User Races
Copy of 2nd place - Warsaw Regional morphine
Warsaw Heresy 2014 - #2nd - ORC - dex_pl eLLiptik
2nd place - Warsaw Regional dex_pl
Orks und Goblins Gitznitz
Copy of 7th Place Regional Wrocław 2014 Pawlow

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