Type lineInstant Ability - Restoration
RulesAttach to target hero.

Ongoing: Attached hero has Mend 2. (At the start of your turn, it may heal 2 damage from target hero or ally.)

Cost / Att / H2 / - / -
EditionWorldbreaker (Common)
Users having Rejuvenation
Found 2 users
# Name Location
2 Bulgaria - Plovdiv
1 Bulgaria - Sofiya-Grad
Latest decks using Rejuvenation
Name User Class / Hero
Heal Token druid Theophan    Sumi'jin, Guardian of Cenarius
E&M Druid A Theophan    Arturius Hathrow
Druid Crimson    Jumo'zin
Worgen Rush Core v0.1 Abraham Giménez    Arturius Hathrow
Worgen Druid Jon    Arturius Hathrow

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