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@Frost_Ghost, Thank you for the suggestion! This suggestion is definitely going to help when I buy boxes of new sets.  However that wont work for the random old cards I collected. 
I have my collection sorted by color first then by alphabet so that I can quickly and easily find the cards I want.  If I organized by set it would take longer to find and put away cards (to me).  I'm a deck builder at heart so almost every day I'm moving cards around tongue


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Hello, I see there was a recent update to the system layout.  While I don't care for the new boxes around everything...  My main concern is the change made the process of inputting cards for me slower.

The feature I liked about this site before was that when I put in a card name and changed the values...  After I hit "Apply" or "Save changes" the cursor would go back to the card name and highlight it (making it easier to put in the next card's name).

This feature made it easier to add my collection to the site.

Now:  I don't know where the cursor goes but I have to click into the field for the card name which adds time. 

Please give this feature back.  I hope it is just a minor fix...