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Warhammer 40k
Two versions have been provided, one for the collectors edition and one for the regular. Why? Well, not only do the foil flags need to be set on all the cards in the collectors edition decks (rather than just a handful of cards), but the collector numbers of the two commanders and the thick display commander are all different. I figured this was enough difference to warrant two different CSVs. Yes, you could just edit everything yourself, but the whole point of the CSVs is to make it super convenient and for you to NOT have to do that. So there you go!

But major NOTE: Deckbox currently has duplicate listings for each card, one of which is intended to make the "surge foil" pricing accurate. Unfortunately, since they have the same edition + collector number, the CSV import has no way of knowing which version is intended. When you attempt to import one of these decks, you'll get a bit of each -- some surge, some non. I have brought the issue up with Sebi, so I encourage you to chime in, but in the meantime, you'll have to manually edit those cards if Deckbox pricing matters to you.

I also added Game Night: Free-for-All, but the edition has not been added to Deckbox yet, so these CSVs will NOT import yet.


So I want to apologize for the tardiness on the 40K decks. The reason for that is I did a complete audit of all 460+ CSVs, to ensure consistency, accuracy, and successful import. I am betting many of you have encountered errors when trying to import (I wish someone had reported these!). Multiple CSVs had various issues that prevented an error-free import; these should all be corrected now.

You can see a list of all changes in the changelog, but the highlights are:

  • removed the Language column (you can explicitly set a language if you want one)

  • added the display commanders, now that Sebi added them to Deckbox

  • fixed the names of some tokens and DFCs that Sebi has renamed within the database since the CSV's initial creation

Re: [Resource] Precon / Sealed "Quick Add"

Urza's Iron Allience, 100% sans tokens (scanned with delver lense from physical product). … sp=sharing

Re: [Resource] Precon / Sealed "Quick Add"

Hi @meldon44,
Will BRO and ONE commander decks be added soon?