Privacy statement

We do not sell, trade, exchange or otherwise make available any personally identifiable information to any other team or organization. We may update this policy. We will notify you about significant changes in the way we treat personal information by sending a notice to the primary email address specified in your account or by placing a prominent notice on our site.


Your inventory, tradelist, wishlist and decks are publicly viewable on the internet by default. However, you can choose to protect them with a password, or make them completely private (feature available for premium accounts).

Your Deckbox Profile is publicly available on the internet. Information included in the profile and viewable by other people is: name, country and city, last login time. Your e-mail address, as well as your postal address are private and not displayed or disclosed by us with the exception of "emailing other users" and "trading" explained below.

Emailing other users

When using the email functionality on Deckbox the name and e-mail address that you provided to us will be available to the other party.


When trading with other users, your full name as well as the postal address that you supply and confirm on per trade basis are available only to you and to the other party. Also, the chat and chat history from each trade are private and viewable only by you and the other party.

If you are found guilty of scamming other users as a result of a dispute, we reserve the right of publishing your name, email and mailing address on a public list of scammers. It is for this reason very important to carefully read our trading rules as detailed here: trade rules.


Comments made on private decks are private to the owner of the deck and not publicly available. Comments made on public decks, as well as events are public.

Intellectual Property

Our Terms and Conditions recognizes your right to retain full intellectual property protection for the digital content you create, including decks.


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