Topic: Can't figure this site out

I've been adding cards to my inventory.  I moved my cards the other night into a deck named "My deck."  Now I added a bunch more cards to my inventory but I can't move them into my deck.  Further, it shows a value of inventory and a value for cards not owned.  What does this mean, why are my card values going into cards not owned?

Re: Can't figure this site out

This site is much like MTGO.  Your inventory is just cards that you own.  Any decklists are ways to use your cards, but you never actually move cards from your inventory into a deck.  Each decklist will show where you are short cards in your inventory to fully build the deck (including sideboard cards).  The site assumes that you are OK with sharing cards between decks, and will just look at whether your inventory has enough cards to fulfill the needs of that deck.  The totals at the top of a decklist are just quick summaries of what you own by value and what you would still need to purchase or trade for in order to complete the deck.

Some of what I said doesn't apply if you upgrade to premium, but for most people the above is true.