Topic: selling my collections

I want to sell my Mtg collection I have a good inventory (19328 cards, 9626 different ones) registered divided in mana cost, in set, and mana in folders. I also have many cards table not inside folders and not registered yet. I have cards from beta to 2 sets ago. The total value is around 10 000 USD (12 584,60 CAD). I can send you the list of cards I have registered in deckbox, let me know if you want to see it. I don't have more than 4 copies of each card from the same set in the folders. I don't know what i have on my table yet, it is still mixed up.  The cards come with the folder if you want them and I can ship them if you want, but you will have to pay for the shipping cost. I would like to sell for $10 000 CAD, but open for negotiation.

You can email me  for picture, video and list of my collection