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Scarad wrote:

Thanx a lot for the files!!!!

You're very welcome! Glad this project is of use to people. I don't usually get very much feedback, so it's hard for me to know whether or not this resource is valuable enough to keep working on. I appreciate your comment!

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Dear Deckbox friends,

I would like to apologize for getting behind on this community resource. My wife and I had a baby in mid-February, but along with that joy came a host of medical woes for a few weeks. We were in and out of hospitals with our new daughter, including the cardiac ICU for about a week. Thankfully, everything has stabilized and seems oK. Then of course throw COVID-19 into the mix, and that's a recipe for a lot of upheaval and not enough time!

But I plan to get all the missing precons added within a few days -- Challenger Decks 2020, Unsanctioned, and the THB Deck Builder's Toolkit. I'll also probably pre-add the C20 decks, so they're ready to verify upon release! Let me know if I've missed any other recent products.

Thanks for your patience!

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I completely revamped the coding of the webpage to improve its usefulness. While it won't look much different, everything has been rewritten to use more browser-compatible code, as I know it broke on some browsers (such as all versions of Internet Explorer). I'm still working to improve the mobile experience, but it should at least WORK on modern browsers. Please let me know if you encounter something that doesn't seem to work.

I've also decided to streamline my process of adding new decks by no longer adding CSV download links to the original post in this thread and attempting to keep it up-to-date and organized. I will always post a new comment when a CSV is available, with direct links to the CSV. But otherwise, all CSVs must be accessed from the webpage (which is linked in the original post): (note that capitalization matters with Bitly links!).

Along the lines of cleaning up the forum, I went through and deleted a whole bunch of my comments that merely announced new CSVs. That information has been added to a changelog on the webpage for anyone that cares, but now this forum thread is shorter and more open to general discussion.

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A note on Jumpstart

Whew........ Jumpstart has a LOT of CSVs! Sorry for the delay, guys, but I finally slogged through all the data, tried to double-check everything as carefully as I can, and got it all added to the full list under Misc. Precons.

PLEASE let me know if you find any errors (far too easy to happen in a listing this big), and please send me lists of basic lands for the various themes and variants so that I can start marking the CSVs as fully verified. The special themed basics are properly included, but the "normal" basic lands are just included as a single clump, e.g. 7x Island, so I'd love to get something like this from you guys:

Theme: Under the Sea 2
3x Island #263
2x Island #264
2x Island #265

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Core Set 2021 Planeswalker Decks

Arena Starter Kit
M21 Welcome Booster

All CSVs have been fully verified through unboxing videos.