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Name Edition Price  Type Cost
Rarity Color
Three Visits
$74.24 Sorcery
Forest Bear
$40.06 Creature - Bear
$29.34 Enchantment
$25.66 Plane - Zendikar
Rhystic Study
$21.47 Enchantment
Broken Dam
$13.67 Sorcery
$12.39 Instant
Sage's Knowledge
$12.39 Sorcery
Zodiac Rat
$12.21 Creature - Rat
Plots That Span Centuries
$11.99 Scheme
Thought Vessel
$11.03 Artifact
False Defeat
$10.11 Sorcery
Arcane Signet
$9.99 Artifact
All in Good Time
$9.95 Scheme
Emblem: Liliana, the Last Hope
$9.52 Emblem
Behold the Power of Destruction
$9.36 Scheme
Tooth, Claw, and Tail
$9.21 Scheme
Ashnod's Altar
$8.98 Artifact
Lotus Petal
$8.89 Artifact
Chromatic Star
$8.61 Artifact
Stone-Throwing Devils
$8.52 Creature - Devil
My Crushing Masterstroke
$8.36 Scheme
Army of Allah
$7.94 Instant
Yellow Scarves Cavalry
$7.88 Creature - Human Soldier
$7.75 Instant
Dance, Pathetic Marionette
$7.46 Scheme
Drafna's Restoration
$7.19 Sorcery
Riding Red Hare
$6.82 Sorcery
Path of Ancestry
$6.60 Land
$6.49 Token
7964 total results       Page 1 of 266 Next Last
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