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Name  Race Type Cost Edition
Winged Fury Chaos Unit 5 + The Burning of Derricksburg
Winged Riders of Kislev Empire Unit 5 + The Imperial Throne
Winter Campaign Empire Quest 1 + Shield of the Gods
Witch Hag Dark Elf Unit 2 + Omens of Ruin
Witch Hag's Curse Dark Elf Support 1 + Arcane Fire
Witchbrew Dark Elf Support 0 + Signs in the Stars
Witchfate Tor Neutral Fulcrum 1 Cataclysm
Withering Hex Dark Elf Support 1 + Redemption of a Mage
Wolf Chariot Orc Unit 5 + Oaths of Vengeance
Wolf Gobbos Orc Unit 2 + The Ruinous Hordes
Wolf Rider Assault Orc Tactic 0 + Path of the Zealot
Wolves of the North Chaos Quest 0 + Path of the Zealot
Word of Pain Dark Elf Support 2 + Assault on Ulthuan
Wurrzag Orc Legend 3 + Battle for the Old World
Wyvern Rider Orc Unit 3 + Assault on Ulthuan
Xirat'p Chaos Unit 2 + Vessel of the Winds
You's Bigga Orc Tactic 0 + March of the Damned
Your Will Is Mine Dark Elf Tactic 10 + Arcane Fire
Zealot Hunter Neutral Unit 3 Path of the Zealot
Zhufbar Engineers Dwarf Unit 3 + Core Set
Ziggurat of Quetli Neutral Support 2 Hidden Kingdoms
Zombie Dragon Neutral Unit 6 Karaz a Karak
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