Alith Anar
TypeLegend, High Elf (Order)
Edition Oaths of Vengeance (# 21)
Cost3 +
RulesForced: When this legend enters play, you must burn 3 zones instead of 2 in order to win for the rest of the game. Action: When this legend attacks, turn target development you control faceup. If it is a [High Elf] unit with Ambush, trigger its ability as if it just ambushed and declare it as an attacker. Otherwise, sacrifice it.
Users having Alith Anar
Found 268 users
# Name Location
3 Switzerland - Buchs
3 Germany
3 Poland - Katowice
3 Poland - Lodz
3 Poland - Lodz
Latest decks using Alith Anar
Name User Races
alith sawar
Rainbow Ambush tadek_kam
Copy of HE 1st place Inwazja na Bydgoszcz 2014 charrington
Alith - 19th place Retro Krakow 2018 Kubala
HE 2 K Copy Kataklizm Juri

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