Altar of Khaine
TypeSupport, Dark Elf (Destruction)
Edition Assault on Ulthuan (# 36)
Cost4 +
RulesKingdom. Action: If one of your units would be destroyed, you may pay 1 resource to instead return it to your hand.
Users having Altar of Khaine
Found 12 users
# Name Location
1 Brazil - Florianópolis
1 France - Le Mans
1 Poland - Jelenia Gora
1 Poland - Krakow
1 Chile - Providencia
Latest decks using Altar of Khaine
Name User Races
Copy of Let the Dark Get You James
Copy of Malekith Murder oLiv
Copy of Dark Corruption oLiv
Copy of Slaanesh oLiv
Copy of Sacrificial Lambs oLiv

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