Banna Thief
TypeUnit, Orc (Destruction)
Edition The Iron Rock (# 42)
Cost2 +
TraitsGoblin, Standard Bearer
RulesAction: When a unit enters this zone, target unit gains P until the end of the turn.
Users having Banna Thief
Found 460 users
# Name Location
3 Germany - Hamburg
3 United States - Colorado Springs
3 Germany - Karlsruhe
3 Andorra - Andorra La Vella
3 Poland - Lodz
Latest decks using Banna Thief
Name User Races
Abominable Azhag James
Sinners James
Gather the Horde! Sergio Menna
1. Faster Frenzy? terrakhan
1. Bloody Frenzy terrakhan

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