Brutal Offering
TypeTactic, Chaos (Destruction)
Edition Tooth and Claw (# 52)
Cost2 +
RulesAction: Sacrifice a Unit. If you do, deal X damage to each unit in all Battlefields, where X is the sacrificed Unit's Power.
Users having Brutal Offering
Found 62 users
# Name Location
3 France - Nanterre
3 Italy - Udine
6 United States - Martinsville
3 Germany - Herne
3 Portugal - Maia
Latest decks using Brutal Offering
Name User Races
MultiKhorne tadek_kam
Copy of Copy of CHA 5th place AoW 2014 Szymon Szarek
Copy of CHA 5th place AoW 2014 charrington
Undead Discard 1 Silent_Storm
CHA K Copy Kataklizm Juri

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