Cacophonic Scream
TypeTactic, Chaos (Destruction)
Edition Arcane Fire (# 12)
Cost10 +
TraitsEpic Spell
RulesPlay at the beginning of your turn. Action: Deal 8 damage to one section of target capital (you choose which section).
Users having Cacophonic Scream
Found 15 users
# Name Location
1 Portugal - Maia
1 Poland - Poland
1 Poland - Wroclaw
1 Poland - Poznan
1 Poland - Wroclaw
Latest decks using Cacophonic Scream
Name User Races
Skarbrand donadam
Painkiller Required James
Deck James
Sigvald Pumpkin_and_Honeybunny
Copy of Chaos [Balanced Legacy Lists] lukciocz

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