Defend the Border
TypeQuest, Empire (Order)
Edition Core Set (# 43)
Cost0 +
RulesQuest. While Defend the Border has 3 or more resource tokens on it, redirect the first point of damage done to your capital each turn to another target unit or capital. Quest. Forced: Place 1 resource token on this card at the beginning of your turn if a unit is questing here.
Users having Defend the Border
Found 84 users
# Name Location
3 France - Nanterre
1 Italy - Udine
1 United States - Columbus
2 United States - New Jersey
1 France - Nancy
Latest decks using Defend the Border
Name User Races
Empire - Kaiser Franz UrbanoCaboto
Basic Dwarf James
Lads in shining armour James
Copy of Kaiser Franz oLiv
Copy of Knights oLiv

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