Dreamer of Dragons
TypeUnit, High Elf (Order)
Edition Redemption of a Mage (# 68)
Cost3 +
TraitsMage, Elite
RulesAction: This unit takes 1 uncancellable damage. If it does, it gains 1P until the end of the turn.
Users having Dreamer of Dragons
Found 12 users
# Name Location
3 Italy - Monza
3 Poland - Wroclaw
3 Poland - Bialystok
3 Spain - Cartagena
3 Germany - Bamberg
Latest decks using Dreamer of Dragons
Name User Races
Copy of Elfy magia 50 Lukasz Folmer
High Elf Hodgepodge James
elfy sawar
Dragons James
Copy of Princes of Caledor uqblf

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