Easy Pickin's
TypeTactic, Orc (Destruction)
Edition Arcane Fire (# 17)
Cost2 +
RulesAction: The unit in play with the lowest printed cost must be sacrificed. You choose which unit in case of a tie.
Users having Easy Pickin's
Found 38 users
# Name Location
3 Germany - Herne
3 Serbia - Serbia
3 Poland - Katowice
3 Italy - Milano
3 Poland - Pomorskie
Latest decks using Easy Pickin's
Name User Races
Orc - Początki II 2020.01.28 WOJT
Da best boyz James
Copy of Smash'em ALL boskiche
Copy of Copy of Copy of Orks by Pablo AOW 16th charrington
Copy of Gdańsk Regional Tournament - 2nd place zygfrodo

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