TypeSupport, Neutral (Neutral)
Edition Warpstone Chronicles (# 100)
TraitsAttachment, Relic, Skaven
RulesAttach to a target Skaven Unit. Corrupt that Unit. Whenever a Unit is corrupted, place 1 Resource token on this card. Attached Unit deals +X Damage in combat, where X is the number of resource tokens on this card.
Users having Fellblade
Found 13 users
# Name Location
1 United States - New Jersey
1 Poland - Kielce
1 Poland - Wroclaw
5 Poland - Warsaw
1 Poland - Katowice
Latest decks using Fellblade
Name User Races
Copy of Warp Power uqblf
Copy of Skaven [Balanced Legacy Lists] Grimnir
Copy of Warp Power oLiv
Warp Power (2) tadek_kam
Warp Power mikolajl

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