Grombrindal's Elite
TypeUnit, Dwarf (Order)
Edition Redemption of a Mage (# 61)
Cost3 +
TraitsWarrior, Elite
RulesLower the cost to play this unit by 3 if a zone is burning. This unit gains 1P if a zone is burning.
Users having Grombrindal's Elite
Found 7 users
# Name Location
3 Italy - Monza
3 Poland - Wroclaw
3 Poland - Bialystok
3 Spain - Pozuelo de Alarcón
3 Poland - Warsaw
Latest decks using Grombrindal's Elite
Name User Races
Ale & Tales James
tatane naine kurnous
Copy of Copy of Toruń 2013 DWARF Grimnir
Copy of 06 Krasnoludy Belial313
Copy of Toruń 2013 DWARF Belial313

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